Vertical Injection Moulding Machines – A Brief Overview

Vertical Injection Moulding Machines is a moulding process for creating many kinds of hollow items, usually out of plastic. It is often done at high-temperature, in a low-pressure plastic using heat and biaxial rotation to produce hollow in the require shape and specification.

Rotational moulding initiated a new age of thinking in the plastic industry, inspiring designs that would have been impossible with conventional manufacturing methods. Apart from the design advantage, the materials used in the production process are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

There are many advantages associate with rotational moulding. First and foremost, the moulds are relatively cheap and simple primarily because of the low pressure process and can also used for complicated requirement as well.

There are several types of rotomoulding machine available in the market. Below is a brief description.

Rock and roll machine

It is a specialized single arm machine. It functions by rotating the mould by 360 degrees in one direction and tipping it around 45 degrees above or below horizontal in the other direction. Such types of machines save the heating costs because of their smaller heating chambers.

Vertical rotational machine

Vertical rotational molding machines have a compact heating and cooling chamber which makes them energy efficient. Even though these machines have a similar capability. Like those of horizontal carousel multi-arm machines, they take up a lesser space.

Swing arm machine

This one moves the mould back and forth between the heating and cooling chambers and is a single arm machine. This is a cost effective option mostly use by schools or in prototyping.

Carousel machine

These are the most common rotomoulding machines used within the industry. It is know to have up to 6 arms and comes in a wide range of sizes for multiple heating and thickness requirements.

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