The Mystical Christ Wants the Whole Package

God invests in people whose hope is no longer in worldly riches, but rather only in The Mystical Christ. Such people are righteous in God’s sight. As far as God is concerned, righteous people are righteous because their Foundation is Christ. Therefore, in God’s estimation, such people will also be a solid investment. This is […]

Can A Course In Miracles Help?

A Course In Miracles book is a resource written by a nutritionist by the name of Lisa Olson. As a matter of fact Lisa is a nutritionist and was one time an infertile woman. In fact she was given several infertility treatments only to find out that it did not help her. After years of […]

Un Curso De Milagros Happen All Around Us

Un Curso De Milagros are a strange phenomenon, what would you consider a miracle? Achieving the unexpected, something happening against all odds or just something to wonder at, something marvellous? What would your definition be? The medical definition is much stricter to achieve. However what I am considering are the marvellous happenings that are created […]

The Mystical Teachings Of Jesus

The Mystical Teachings Of Jesus, which have existed for several thousands of years, are esoteric and mystical in nature, for they are not confined to the dogmas and doctrines created by religious theologian throughout history. Religions represent mankind’s search for God, whereas Mysticism is a seeker’s experience of God. Religion is based on faith and […]

Why A Course In Miracles Of The Eucharist

During our Mass, we have a two-fold consecration. We consecrate the bread into the Body of Christ, and we consecrate the wine into the Blood of Christ. This is that re-creation of the Sacrifice of the Cross. And that has been the focal point of Christianity. An historian of the early Church taught that the […]

The Best Executive Resumen De Libros

The Best Executive Resumen De Libros service is the one you use. Surely, I’m going to tell you about the best ones out there and which one leads the pack, but if you still don’t use it… Putting Book Summary into Google, the first one that pops up is Soundview Executive Book Summaries. This site […]