Why should you study in Canada?

Are you planning to study in Canada? Are you are not sure if it is a good idea? It is normal to have a few doubts in mind because studying abroad is a huge investment. You need to be sure of every aspect before you jump in the process of applying for a study visa.

Every coin has two sides; same is the case with study in Canada. There can be a few challenges you may face while adjusting to a new country, but studying in Canada also has an upside. The pros of studying in Canada totally overpower the minor cons you may come across.

If the fear of fitting in is making you have double thoughts, here are a few considerately reasonable points, that why should you study in Canada?

  • Earn while you learn

As an international student studying in Canada, you can either work on-campus or off-campus. Just keep in mind that your study permit should indicate that you are allowed to work.

On-Campus: In such a job, you’re permitted to work for your institute, faculty member or a student organization without a work permit. But as a post-secondary international student, you’re acceptable to work only when you possess:

You are a full-time post-secondary student at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

A valid study permit

A Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Off-Campus: In such a job, you’re permitted to work outside your school as general labor, tutor, waiter, or in any other temporary position, but you’re only allowed to work if you have:

A valid study permit that permits you to work off-campus

You must be enrolled at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute).

The study program for at least six months period that finally leads to a degree, certificate or diploma.

A Social insurance number (SIN)

Apart from this, you will get permission to work off-campus only when you qualify for the criteria mentioned above. The Canadian government permits international students to work for 20 hours a week.

  • College campus life

When you study in a Canadian institute, you get to experience a multi-cultural environment along with the facilities of free wi-fi, magazines, journals, newspapers, and many more helpful things to assist your learning free of cost.

Besides life at campus, Canada is a country that possesses picturesque Landscapes and many exuberant places to explore. You can do touristy things at various destinations like wildlife sanctuaries, amusement parks, Niagra falls, and other places that people love to explore.

You will be amazed to see the hygiene of the country and the cleanliness around. Also, if you are a person who loves winter and snow, Canada in winter will be the place of your dreams.

  • A nation that speaks many languages

Canada is a multi-lingual nation. Though English and French are the primary languages in the country, the gradual increase in international students makes way for new cultures and languages.

Also, if you are worried about facing difficulty in adjusting to the atmosphere, let me tell you that people in Canada have a pleasant behavior. You won’t face any sort of discrimination while pursuing your studies from Canada.

  • Security

Safety and security is obviously an important aspect to consider while planning to study in abroad. The universities and government both legitimately care about the safety of international students inside as well as outside the university. From health to security, every sort of measure is taken into contemplation to make the students feel securewhile studying in Canada.

  • Availability of scholarships

Canada is one of the most magnificent destinations to complete your higher studies. A degree obtained from a DLI in Canada is equally comparable to that of Australia, the United States, or any European country. Both the Canadian government and universities are concerned about the welfare of international students and offer them additional benefits while they are studying in Canada.

When you study in Canada, you will have the following two benefits in terms of cost:

The tuition fees of some of the Canadian universities are comparatively reasonable.

The scholarship that you obtain will cut off the cost of the educational expenses.

There’s no doubt that Canada hasfewer universities as compared to the US or Europe, but the quality of education provided by Canadian universities is as efficient as other top universities around the world.

I hope by now you have made up your mind regarding availing further education from Canada. If you have any queries related to study in Canada, contact thebest visa consultants in Chandigarh, Western Overseas to obtain guidance from well-trained and professional counselors.

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