Using Body Language to Be More Powerful Than Money Or Good Looks!

Let’s start off by getting Body Language 101. I want you guys to think about the history on the language of the body if you will. I want you guys to think outside the box for a moment to really grasp the magnitude of body language and understand what this language-since it is in fact a language-is all about. The definition of language is communication with words right? So since the beginning of time people have used languages to communicate. Putting together words and sounds to create a mode of communication amongst a community of people.

Some languages are older than others dating back to centuries with Greek, Hebrew and Latin being the some of the oldest in terms of the common know speak languages. But the body language is in essence the oldest and most important language of all in terms all communication. It’s always the first mode of communication between two people.

Given that the communication of body language is always the first channel of communication and essentially the oldest “language” you can see the necessity to wrap our arms around this concept. Now with women, dating and sexuality it’s take to another level! Think about women and their love of romance novels. The authors of these books, which are read mostly by women, uses and describes the action of the romance in terms of body language. The backbone of romance novels is the descriptive nature of writing focused on body language.

He caressed the neck and she stood there vulnerable to his touch with hers legs strongly wrapped around his. You get my point here. Women are turn on by this type of visualization while reading because they are so accustom to language of the body. Scientists have estimated that women are 10 times greater at the language of the body than men. We will be more effective at giving and reading body language than women.

Women have a keen sense of a man’s body language right away. It’s like all women were require to take a life pre-requisite course in “how to label guys in mere seconds.” It is embed in their DNA. Some girls who are selective when choosing a mate-which hot girls tend to be-can say no to dating a guy in mere seconds after he walks into a room. You don’t think she’s take notice of you yet because she hasn’t directly look at you, but in fact she’s one up you and has already label you! It’s like the scene from Robo-cop the movie from the early 90’s where he can scan the room find the bad guy, then do a background check and inspect for weapons before the bad guy even realizes that Robo-Cop was even been in the room.

The funny thing is the girl who is doing the labeling doesn’t even know that she is doing it!. Let’s say one of her girlfriends introduces a guy and she’s not interest. She will not say, nor think to herself in these terms, “I didn’t like the way he walked by. His actions said to me that he doesn’t really think that highly of himself. And you know it’s obvious that this guy doesn’t get hot girls. I want to date a guy who dates hot girls.”

Do you get what I’m saying? It’s so completely embed that it’s rarely even address. She’ll say something more along these lines. “He seems like a nice guy, but I am not really interest”. (Side note: once we master body language we want to be in prospect’s sight lines. We want to noticed before we approach. We want her to check us out. If we communicate correctly we will have her intrigued which will progress to interest once we have made the approach).

Simply put, women can be brutal, irrational and unfair. Once you communicate with your body language that you’re giving her the higher status. Yes guys, the attraction is kill as quickly as the bad guys in the movie Robo-Cop. That’s the qualm I’ve had with women and the whole courtship game. If you will-the quickness for a girl to say no or a maybe (rarely is it a yes right away). But here’s the rub: Men have been giving women the authority and power to do so in many ways.

Men can get so whipped and basically stick they’re tongue out to wag when an attractive girl walks. And that’s if their tongue isn’t frozen in their mouths due to the swollen tongues cause by anxiety. It’s no wonder women get their heads so puffed up thinking so highly of themselves that I’m surprised they don’t all only drive mini-vans just to fit their big ole heads. They think that all guys should be holding a red carpet to unfold for them at all times.

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