True Relationship With The Christ!

So many preachers teach that by being born again in Jesus The Christ, man will be saved from the eternal punishment decreed by God as payment for one’s sins. Simply believe and have faith in the Lord Jesus and accept Him as one’s personal savior, man is already a born again Christian. So many has been led to believe that this is enough to achieve salvation from eternal damnation.

With this kind of belief, it is not important for man to join any religious organization and that it is not necessary for one to belong to a church. Faith alone in Christ and having a personal relationship with Him is enough to attain salvation.

True enough, God appointed Christian as the savior and not the Church or any religious group. The Lord Jesus Christ is the one who will save and not the Church. Does joining a church organization really has nothing to do with God’s divine plan for the salvation of man? Can man really do away with the Church?

The True Relationship With Christ Is Being One With Him

On the other hand, there are those who preach that the Church of Christ is important and necessary for man to be saved. Do they replace Christ with the Church as the appointed savior? How about a personal relationship with Christian? Is it no longer needed?

Preachers of the Church of Christian claim as written in Ephesians 5:23, that it is the Church that the savior Jesus Christ will save. It is therefore necessary for man to be a member of the Church of Christian if he wants to be saved and that it is not true that man needs only to have a personal relationship with Christ.

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