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Do you remember when prohormones first came out? The bodybuilding supplement market exploded. The only other explosion like this was when creatine was introduce as a muscle builder in the early 90s. There was a good reason for such an uproar about prohormones because they simply worked. And most of them worked quite well granting similar muscle and strength gains as anabolic steroids Tren For Sale. This is because most prohormone formulas mimicked the properties of anabolic steroids once broken down by the body. Unfortunately there were also a ton of knock-offs out there that did nothing.

Since prohormones have banned in 2005 (and there was actually another ban in 2010 on a new generation of prohormones that converted into the anabolic substance called tren) there haven’t been too many supplements that pack on muscle such as these. However, there are many supplement companies that kept the name of some of their finest muscle builders yet altered the formulas a bit to be in compliance with the governing laws. I’m going to give you a review of one of these products; Animal Test by Universal Nutrition.

Animal Test is actually consider a protestosterone rather than a prohormone. Without going into detail, while protestosterones and prohormones have some difference. At the end of the day their purpose is to produce or assist in boosting testosterone. I was attracted by the fact that this product claims to above and beyond your average natural test-booster by implementing a pro-androgen complex and hypertrophic response complex. But I also noticed that cissus quadrangularis is part of the formula (specifically list under the pro-androgen complex). Cissus is a plant extract use mainly for healing ligaments and tendons but it’s also advertise to have deca-like effects. Now I’m not familiar with the older formulas of Animal Test when prohormones were legal. But looking at the current label, I figured I would give it a shot.

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