Spiritual Counseling – Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness

Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness: Einstein as soon as stated, “the maximum incomprehensible factor about the arena is that it’s far understandable.” what if technology, philosophy, and spirituality were on tangential paths in their pursuit of the fact approximately advent, every one stemming from awesome perceptions of fact however ultimately converging at a unique point of divine fact?

I trust that it is just a rely of time before a unified area principle or “one theory of the whole thing” is proposed and confirmed to be genuine. There is certainly a divine order to the cosmos, an underlying intelligence. A few define this intelligence as physics and leave it at that. However is it so hard to understand that technology and divine intelligence (god) are one and the identical? In any case, in the end, the whole thing stems from the source.

In quantum mechanics there may be a belongings call entanglement or non-neighborhood connection. This isn’t always a concept but a actual phenomenon. The physicists john bell and alain element set up that the universe at its maximum basic level is nonlocal. It proves that information would not need to journey from point a to point b as it would not need to journey in any respect. It is omnipresent. This interpretation offers us with the vision of a participatory universe in which the entirety is interconnected; a unbroken cognizance of 1.

Einstein known as entanglement “spooky motion at a distance,” and it has been established repeatedly through experimentation. It’s miles the way wherein two or more particles of energy sharing commonplace origins end up correlated to predictably interact with each other. Despite the fact that those debris are separate over massive distances. Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness, they stay interwoven, interconnected, one with each other, despite the fact that they appear like separate.

What is really outstanding approximately their entanglement is that their communication is lots faster than the velocity of light. It appears to be working without delay, at the velocity of, properly, idea. It is as though the spacetime in among the 2 gadgets being measure does not even exist. Perhaps this is because these interacting items are related someplace beyond spacetime. Or in a word: awareness.

In a experience, the human frame is quantum entangle with the earth due to the fact the frame responds to the earth’s natural biorhythms and circadian cycles. No doubt, the lady’s menstrual cycle is entangle with the cycles of the moon. The historic art of astrology is an instance of quantum entanglement with the planets, stars, and constellations of the heavens.

In his September 19, 2009 sirius xm radio display, deepak chopra interviewed physicist michio kaku, and commented on this nonlocal phenomenon, saying, “you know, the more i listen approximately quantum entanglement, it feels like a mathematical description of omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence.” dr. Kaku spoke back, “that is what it leads to. Their concept says that i exist because you study me, somebody seems at you so that you exist, so who seems at her? Who seems at us? Well, god.”

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