Solar Ribbon Power Systems

Solar Ribbon power systems used to be overly expensive and very hard to find. Fossil fuels such as oil and coal have around for millennium and it’s hard to understand that they can depleted, but they will be. It has been discovered as time goes by that fossil fuels are unsafe for our environment, as well. Much of the world’s populace is now turning to renewable energy, or green energy, such as solar, wind and hydro powers.

Therefore, these solar generating systems are much more readily available and can installed in your home or business in a cost-efficient manner. Also, since the sun has been in existence for eons, you needn’t worry about running out of an energy source to power your lights, equipment and appliances. The science of photovoltaic (PV) technology is the process of converting sunlight into electricity.

One of the many benefits of PV technology is the ability to produce electricity for over thirty years. You can hook up a solar power system to the power grid. Or actually make enough energy in your home to sell back electricity to the power company and go off-grid. There are different types of PV cells that you may purchase: mono crystalline, multiple crystalline, string ribbon and thin-film.

With mono crystalline cells the most energy is use in their manufacturing. When single silicon crystals are grow into ingots with anti-reflection coating. And wire grids are add to each crystal to form a module. Multiple crystalline cells are caste into square molten silicon molds and then coated and wired. String ribbon produces thin ribbons of silicon that you can cut into single cells from sheets to coat and wire. The most flexible choice in thin-film that has different layers of modules sprayed onto substrate. They will not break like the other options and can fit into any shape or size you prefer.

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