Shared Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 3 Days

Shared Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 3 Days: Camel safaris, desert life forms, and colorfully bedecked locals seem to be an inseparable part of the interesting desert Morocco Private Tours. As kids, we have all seen how white clouds form different interesting shapes and patterns. Rajasthan desert tour offers you a chance to see other form of dynamic sculpting that winds do on rippling sand.

The barrenness of the panorama is complemented by the desert mirage like magnificence o the Jaisalmer Fort and adds incredible romanticism to the region. The haunting and echoing strains of the local music and graceful and acrobatic movements of local dancers who wear long flared skirts seem to share the eternal thrill and eeriness of its local legends and folklores.

Thar Desert in Rajasthan is famous for its sunsets and cultural events organized specially for the tourists to showcase the best of Rajasthani culture to the guests. The sense of balance has been established in most unique ways. Desolate desert landscape is lit up with vibrant and bright colors of the costumes that comprise mainly of frock coats and turbans for men and ghagharas, veils and heavy jewellery of women.

Bleak inhospitable piece of land is enlivened by the enthusiasm of the performers and music that touches the heart of the audience. Hunch-backed camels with their rolling strides are as popular as beautiful bedecked elephants, fit for the kings and queens. Lack of flowers and greenery provides a befitting contrast to the splendid architectural works of the fort and painted Havelis in the city of Jaisalmer.

You might hear the interesting legend, which claims that the Thar Deser originated due to a fire-weapon released by Lord Rama. Marine fossils and remains of the Indus Valley Civilization have been excavated from the region too. The folk songs and folklores of Rajasthan have deep significance and are mostly about high ideals, chivalry, romance, fidelity and pride of Rajput men and women.

Magnificent temples, palaces, and monuments along with evolved dance, music, arts, crafts, paintings and sculpting in the region bear a testimony to the fact that Rajput rulers were great patrons of all forms of arts, architecture and religion. In the palaces that have been converted to heritage hotels and museums, you can still have a glimpse of the royal grandeur that has been preserved and conserved in its pristine glory.

Desert tourism in Rajasthan is not all about study in history and architecture and being passive listeners to folk songs and folklores. It offers much more. Rajasthan Safaris offer soft adventure opportunities to domestic and foreign tourists and include basic to luxurious camel safaris and caravans, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, and horse safaris. These safaris can be as short as a few-hour ride or can stretch to several weeks, as desired, and are a major tourist attraction here.

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