Molitva svetog Josipa – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Molitva svetog Josipa: Are you caught up in a constant struggle with your marriage and need someone to turn to? Do you wish to protect your marriage from further deterioration? Now, more than ever, heavenly help is needed for marriages and the family. As there are so many attacks coming from all sides including spiritual, psychological and financial attacks.

If you are looking to find out more about a special heavenly protector for your marriage then you are in the right place. St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, is your answer, he will protect your marriage as he protected Mary. And the Christ child when they were in danger from Herod and helped them in all their needs.

God the father trusted Saint Joseph with his most treasured possessions. And I am sure you can follow his lead and trust him too. The key is to ask for Saint Joseph’s help every day as God won’t go against our free will and force his help upon us! We must learn to ask, this takes humility to ask for help.

The reason Saint Joseph is such a great helper in marriages is that he bless with being the happiest married man that ever existed! In their love for God and his will and in their common pursuit of holiness. Joseph and Mary’s marriage was truly a marriage make in Heaven. It was indeed a union of two minds and hearts with one common purpose in mind. God and attaining unity with him, together, as a couple. Having the Christ child as their son was certainly a huge bonus too.

As well as helping marriages as a whole, Saint Joseph can also help fathers and husbands to fulfill their roles more perfectly. As being human, no matter how good we think we are, there is always room for improvement!

Marriage between Mary and Joseph was live out in great holiness. And this ensured a great unity of thought and will amongst them. Indeed, St Francis de Sales states that there is no other vocation in life that demands such ongoing virtues of patience, forbearance and charity with each other than in marriage. The husband is, biblically, the head of the house and so it is a great responsibility on the husband to be the head and responsible for the overall needs including the spiritual needs of his family. St Joseph will provide all the help and guidance a husband needs to fulfil his role well.

With regard to the home, keeping the peace is also a very important part of a spouse’s role. Joseph and Mary lived in perfect harmony together as the Holy Family, unity reigned among them. And where unity is, God is.

Whenever there is true, unselfish love there is unity, putting another’s needs ahead of your own (but not at the expense of self worth followed by inevitable resentment towards the other).

As marriage is the ‘most intimate of all unions’ as the Church states. St Joseph also shared in a special way in Mary’s holiness, virtues and sublime dignity as the Mother of Jesus. This is also why St Joseph is such a great saint in heaven today, his sharing in Mary’s holiness in a special way. Through the bond of marriage, helped him to become even holier. More sanctified in his daily life as a carpenter, husband and foster father:

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