Marrakech Desert Tours 3 Days- Marrakech for Your Senses

We would like to suggest you a Marrakech Desert Tours 3 Days, Morocco for the simple reason that we help a convention there and we did find it a very interesting place to visit if you’re up for some ’emotional inputs’ overdose. The ‘Great Imperial City’ is surely a great mix of sleepy infusions of meant tea, tasty spices and incenses tha spice up the air and of course great tasting food of the best moroccan gastronomy. The city of Marrakech is a assault to the senses in the middle of incredible old buildings that seem made out of colorful silk in a frame of sand of the ‘old good times’ of the imperial ‘belle epoque’.

If you do choose to go there, the first place that you’ll visit will be most probable the big square ‘Jeema-el-Fna’ that has inspired many many movies, including the well known Casablanca (that -yes- was not filmed in Casablanca but in Marrakech, the real cultural exotic capital of Morocco). Jeema-el-Fna is just a short stroll south of the main ‘suk’ (traditional, labyrinth style market). The square seems to come directly out of a painting and it is full of visual experiences that hardly could be found anywhere else in the world, including snake trainers, silver merchants and much much more.

We would suggest to use Jeema-el-Fna as a starting point to explore the fascinating city center of Marrakech and in particular the main ‘suk’. The everchanging main suk is a melting pot of different mysterious sounds. Chants and also lovely odours and incredible colors that we’ve never seen around in the US (apart of paint stores).

You will find that in the main suk haggling is in fact art and you will soon have fun in the process + you will grab incredible deals on high quality goods. In the main market textiles hanging down from the ceiling of small rustic shops to dry might seem quite odd, but surely are goodlooking. The Medina of Marrakech (the old walled city center) is the oldest and the most big of Morocco Guided Tour. And sometimes looks like a colorful maze ready to be explored for new enchanting experiences to be discovered and tasted. Old buildings are so elaborate and detailed that it looks like they’re made of carved wood.

In the Medina itself more than 300.000 people live and work making it a crowded but peaceful place where to observe life ‘flow’. A visit to Marrakech is not complete without a visit to the Koutoubia tower and the gardens of Agdal.

If you’ve got some time on your side we would like to suggest that you visit (tours or cars are easy to find) the nearby Atlas Mountains and of course the beginning of the Sahara desert, in fact Marrakech is the perfect base if you wish to explore one of the most interesting and beautiful area of Morocco and still be able to take advantage of modern comforts and high standards in Marrakech hotels.1

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