Jesus the Christ (Has Christianity Erred?)

The Christ: The three main parts of the temple Solomon was instructed to build were the Holy of Holies, the Holy place, and the porch. The Holy of Holies may be equated to the human heart, the temple of God.

Creator wanted to teach man about Divine Love, Christ. But how could He teach man about that which man could not see? One way was by instilling Christ in a human heart–Christ in a pure human heart so God’s glory could shine through.

Creator needed a human who was worthy, so He sent us Jesus. Jesus was the redeemer of mankind. By suffering on the cross, and yet keeping unconditional love in his heart right to the very end, he gained victory over evil. By living through all the tribulation as the son of man, he proved that the human race was worthy of being saved. He proved that humans have the potential of gaining a heart full of unconditional love. As Jesus told us, everything he did we could do also, and even more!

So who or what is Christ? According to Levi in the book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, the Akashic Records tell us that Christ is Divine Love; Universal Love. Christ is not a man, but is the Divine Love of God placed into a human heart.

Jesus made it clear we were not to worship him, the son of man. If we worship Jesus the man, then we break the First Commandment. If we worship Christ within Jesus, then we worship God the Father. Cherokee spiritual leader, John Red Hat, told us he resolved the dilemma this way. He loves Jesus, but he worships God the Father.

Jesus taught that only the pure in heart will see God. How is this? Well, God is Love. Pure Unconditional Love is Christ! When our heart becomes filled with Unconditional Love, then we have “Christ” within. Then when we look within, we see the “Face” of that “Love;” we see the Face of God. Only the pure in heart will see God!

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