How to Organize K2 Spice Paper Sheets in File Drawers

K2 Spice Paper Sheets: Searching the right piece of paper or card stock for the layouts of your scrapbook will be very time consuming. In this case, file organization would be the right answer for you. To help you organize those files, you will need an organization system. Which allows you to store and also access the sheets you need easily.

One of the right answers for your need is by using file drawers as well as hanging files for dividing the papers into some categories. It will be very helpful for you to access what you need quickly. Also, it is very beneficial for minimizing the creases and wrinkles. You can adapt the filing technique which let those sheets accommodated at the available storage stage.

The first step which you can do is to sort the patterned paper to piles through categorization such as by color, pattern, and theme such as plaids, floral, polka dots, and also stripes. You can store your papers into piles by their colors or patterns.

The next thing you have to do is to make strips by using a piece of white card stock which will securely slip into the plastic file tab. For writing the label for describing each pile of the stocks, you could use black pen. Put the label to its proper file tab.

In addition, one of the most important things to do is to insert the ends of the file tab to the right slots. You have to make sure that the file tab is able to accommodate the sheets you are going to store. If it can’t accommodate larger size, you could buy specialty scrapbooking or craft stores.

After finishing making the labeled for the categorization. You can now store the patterned paper or card stock into the right labeled file folder. Also, hang up the hanging folder on the metal rods inside. Most of file drawers are equipped with metal rods for hanging files.

If you want to reach to the card stock or paper files, you could slide the folder. If it is stuck due to the crowded folder, you can easily remove the whole file folder so that the folders could be slide to open. It is simple, isn’t it? Now you can organize your paper piles for neat and easy access. So that you do not need to spend your valuable time for looking for the sheets you need.

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