High Flying With a Flyer Delivery Service

Many small entrepreneurs who offer special services print fliers to inform potential customers. They are always looking out for a service which will help distribute these fliers to potential customers. A good way of making money is by starting a Flyer Delivery Service.

The equipment required is usually a telephone. Start the business by printing fliers telling potential customers about your service and distributing them where potential customers can see the fliers. This will help get the business coming in. The local chamber of commerce is a good place to put the flier advertising the business.

You could get students to help out because they can fit the job of distribution into their schedule for the day and earn money. You can get work from baby sitters, beauty consultants, fast food and weight loss establishments. The important part is to negotiate a percentage from the business for each customer who takes advantage of the special offer on the flier in addition to the cost of distribution of the fliers.

You could scout for new potential customers for the small business whose flier you are distributing. You may be able to profit by marketing the flier to the most likely customer and you need to run a service that is punctual and efficient. The customer should not get the flier after the offer period is over.

If you provide an efficient service, word will spread through the local business community and your services will be in great demand. Distributing fliers is a service that needs discipline, punctuality and little or no other skills to make a good income.

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