Harris-Teppich Cleaning Franchise Review

Harris-Teppich was start by Robert Harris, who in the early 70’s was working for another carpet cleaner while working his way through law school. Harris, wasn’t happy with the results of the products being used and began a search to find a better solution.  This lead to him eventually creating the Chem-Dry formula and ultimately his own successful business: https://Aricarpets.com

By 1978 he began franchising and since the company has grow into an international franchise network which is now own by Home Depot, the largest carpet supplier.  Chem Dry has a proprietary hot carbonating extraction process that deeps cleans your carpet and upholstery. 

The unique benefits of the Chem Dry carpet cleaning process includes the use of natural cleaning solutions and green certified materials.  No soap or detergents are use and the process is proprietary.  Additionally, the process uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning and will dry in 1-2 hours.

Franchising allows you to duplicate the process and systems that already work without having to create the operational systems on your own.  This allows you to focus on account creation and business growth.  The Chem Dry Franchise offers all the benefits of the traditional franchise system.

The training program includes a 5 day hands on training at the corporate headquarters.  The company also recognizes that further training will needed. And has provided a series of video trainings to help continue your education and training. 

With the Home Depot partnership the company brings a high caliber brand and marketing power.  As a franchisee you have access to the company marketing benefits as well marketing tools provided. Which includes a company website, online marketing center and a network of advertisers.

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