Fashion and Clothing Industry – A Real Or FAKE ID USA?

FAKE ID USA: Finding the right clothes could be taxing as finding the right person to love and spend the rest of your life with. There are different fashions that make people go for the generic. This could be seen among teenagers.

Because they are in a phase where they are still searching for their identity as a person, they make it a point that instead of finding themselves, they conform to what is the fad today. From what the media says, to what the celebrities wear; they make sure that they have it. Thus, when a great number of kids are doing it, they all look the same.

In reality, clothes are important for a person. It provides us the physiologic need for warmth and protection. But secondly, it also caters to our needs as social being. Every community in each part of the world has a defined set of culture that includes the acceptable ways of dressing up. For example, there are cultures that prefer wearing religiously related clothing and accessories because of the country’s love in religion. Then there are those places on earth where dressing up is actually not a big deal thus, they dress minimally just like some tribes in Africa.

Though it is a fact that it is not in the clothes that defines a person; it is still true that clothing could actually make or break an interaction with different people. Going for the right clothes for the right time could increase the probability that you are interacting well with the other person. Because as funny as it seems, people still attach social graces to the way people dress. The fact that people wear cocktail dresses in cocktail parties says something to our very own psyche as an individual and as a community.

Humans are very different from other species of animals because we are advanced to the point of making silly of ourselves by making outrageous clothing that are nonfunctional. If you look at couture fashion being done by fashion designers, how can someone use a dress made of trash? Or how can someone use a clothing that has an umbrella looking apparatus attached to it?

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