CIPD Qualification, Need or Choice for HR Professionals?

You may be wondering if CIPD is an essential qualification or desirable qualification. In a world where employers are recruiting based on personality and experience, it is arguable that you do not need CIPD to be a successful HR and learning and development professional. Therefore, many students and practitioners wonder whether CIPD qualification is worth.

Upon completion of your HR- related degree or several year of experience in the HR profession, it is recommendable to take CIPD qualification. Similarly, if you are coming from a different business function and would like to transition into HR, CIPD certification will greatly improve your chances of career success. The qualification equips you with specialized knowledge and skills in HR and learning and development that are desirable to any employer. As a CIPD student you will be exposed to application in a wider business context making you more competitive in today work environment. Similarly to those who wish to enter into a highly specialized HR area or a strategic human resource management role CIPD will give you an edge and make you stand out.

Increases Earning Potential and Employability

CIPD claims that holding the certification will greatly enhance career prospects and earning potential.  According to Artis Recruitment is estimated that commencement salaries for HR professional with CIPD level 3 ranges between £20000 and £25000, which is £5000 to £10000 higher than HR professionals without similar qualification.

HR and Learning and Development is a Recognized Qualification

It is not a requirement to be a qualified CIPD to secure a job in human resource or learning and development, however, CIPD qualifications are highly regarded in HR industry. Since the qualification covers crucial apprenticeships and skills such as people management, performance management, reward management, organization design and impact of HR on business strategy. Therefore, upon completion CIPD graduates add credibility to their ability to perform HR and learning and development duties.

Raises your CV profile

Completing CIPD level 3, 5 & 7 is something that gives any student joy and worth celebration. CIPD is internationally recognized for professional training qualification. Therefore, whether you are a continuing student or graduate it shows you are being trained to highest standards and being imparted with most sought and relevant people management skills. As a result you will be highly sought by recruiters and employers unlike a candidate who is non-qualified CIPD.

Enhances your Career Development

CIPD qualification consists of three levels: level 3 Foundation Certificate, Level 5 Associate Diploma and Level 7 Advanced Diploma. Each level is tailored to prepare you to become an excellent HR or learning and development professional. The qualification imparts you with knowledge, skills and strategies to make you an industry expert upon completion. Upon completion of CIPD Level 5 you will be able to assume managerial roles. Once you successfully complete CIPD Level 7 you will be able to perform strategic senior HR roles.

CIPD qualification goes beyond HR focus incorporating application of HR within a wider business context. This is an important benefit to any practitioner as it makes you credible and viable in the present ever-changing work environment.

Demonstrates Commitment to the Profession

CIPD is a demanding professional qualification, in both time and financial resources. Therefore, a student taking the apprenticeship qualification is enough show of passion and commitment to the profession.  For instance it takes 8-10 months to complete CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate. You will have spent between 9,700 SAR and 32,500 SAR if you are in Saudi Arabia. CIPD level 5 Diploma will take 12-15 months to complete at a cost of between 12,000 SAR to 38,000 SAR for Saudi students. CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma takes 18-24months at a cost of between 77,000 SAR

Besides the financial burden, you will be required to attend courses, complete numerous CIPD assignments and take exams. Even with numerous CIPD assignment help agencies in Saudi Arabia many would be students are shying from undertaking the qualification.


There is evidence to show that CIPD qualification is highly beneficial to those keen on advancing in HR and learning and development. After successfully completing the qualification many doors will open, recruiters will be interested with you and promotions will line up. It is a worthy investment for both practitioners and future aspiring HR professionals.

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