Best Paraphrasing Tool Online: A Key Speaking Skill

Having discussed the importance of listening in a previous post, we should also discuss the art of speaking since these two things are the essence of face to face communication. In this post, I would like to deal with the subject of Best Paraphrasing Tool Online. The ability to paraphrase is a most important speaking skill. So let’s consider what paraphrasing actually is and how we can use it effectively.

If you wanted to obtain an English version of some ancient text, like the Bible or the Koran. At the bookstore you would be faced with the matter of having to choose between purchasing a translation or a paraphrase. So what’s the difference? A translation attempts to choose the best equivalent English words to represent the original text as closely. As possible whereas a paraphrase attempts express the meaning of the text as clearly as possible. This might sound like we are splitting hairs, but that small difference in intent often results in very different renditions of the original ideas.

We might say that paraphrasing is making the effort to communicate in the language of the target audience. And good communicators always make the effort to do this. Whenever we attempt to communicate something, we should first think about the intended audience. And then deliberately make subtle adjustments in the way we use language in order to clarify meaning. And give our message the best chance of coming across clearly. The decision as to what terms and style to use should always dictated by the intended audience; that is the essence of paraphrasing.

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