A Course In Miracles – Homer Simpson The Personal Development

A Course In Miracles: Do you like to watch cartoons? I’m sure you have seen the Simpsons at least once. But in case you have not I will tell you that it is about a dysfunctional American family. The head of the family is Homer and although he is a bad role model for his kids, a terrible husband and employee he can teach you a lot about personal development!

Homer says things that are such an accurate reflection of how people think that it is somewhat sad (although very funny). For example, he stated, “you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is; never try”, and in another he said “trying is the first step towards failure”.

Now although these quotes may be funny it is unfortunate that many people live their lives holding these very same views.

The problem with the modern mindset is the expectation of failure which therefore leads to the fear of even trying! The great majority of people believe that trying to attain their desires is a useless pursuit and could even damage their self confidence and self esteem. It is true that constant failure and the inability to reach your objectives can be damaging to your self belief. But, this can only occur if you allow it to happen. Why? Because, there is no such thing as failure – there is only giving up!

To quote another famous character, Yoda from Star Wars, “With you it is always what can not be done……. Just do, or do not! There is no try! ” When you say you will “try” to do something, you are holding the expectation that you may fail. No longer try to reach your objectives. Instead expect to reach them!

In order to be successful with our personal development goals, or anything else in life, you must hold the expectation of success.

When you begin to recondition yourself mentally you will hit resistance. As you keep telling yourself that you will be successful and begin to concentrate on the things that you do want your subconscious mind will rebel. This is an unfortunate, but necessary, part of personal development. It will remind you how often in the past you failed. It will bring to your conscious attention all the factors that are against you. It will highlight all the obstacles that you now face and will face in the future. This is merely your own internal resistance. This resistance stems from negative mental programming but with persistence you can overcome this programming and with perseverance you can reach any goal!

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